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February 28, 2019
April 12, 2019

Tips for Creating a Successful Event Check-In Experience

Tips for Creating

Giving an easy and effortless check-in experience gives great impression to the attendees of your event. If an attendee enters the event with a pleasant check-in, it will make him/her happy until he/she leaves.

Here are some tips for you to create onsite registration experience and make your event planning process stress-free.

QR Codes

This can be an effective way for people to check in quickly. QR codes can be sent to pre-registered attendees via email. As soon as the code is scanned, the badge can be printed immediately and this gives an instant entry to attendees. This is a good tip for large events like trade shows, concert, and major sports events.

Event Management Software

There are many event management software available that can help attendees to check in faster and in a simpler way. You can also get a built-in, check-in functionality that will speed up the check-in and will also keep tabs on attendees.

 Personalize Event Check

One of the most difficult is to check-in at doorway with a crowd of attendees. So to ease the doorway check-in you can give your attendees a personalized check-in. Do it at your official hotel and give personalized care package with a small written with a sweet message. It will also help the event organizer with the chance to speak to them and deliver important information regarding their event.

Build an onsite check inflow

Create onsite check-in flow with attendee so they know where their registration is and they won’t have to search it in a huge crowd. This will avoid making your attendees confuse. Map up the whole place and tell them before they attend the event.

Well-Trained Staff

When you have all your soft wares and preparation checked, now your event requires properly trained staff to look after the check-in process. A well manage staff is also essential for your event because it will lead to a good tone to the attendees. If attendees walked in with a pleasant check-in, they will want to explore more of your event.

Special vibe

When the attendee should enter your event, they should enter it with a special vibe that can be created by the staff that is on duty, by the display that reflects your brand, by the attire you and your staff put on. It is an endless list but focus on the mentioned ones and the vibe is generated.

Confirm your attendees

This isn’t a registration tip but it is to make sure that your current customers attend your event. For that, send confirmation emails to your customers, including their registration details in it. Give little guidance about to check in when they arrive.


There can be more ways to make a good check-in experience for your attendees but the above tips will help you enough. And as soon as you check in the event, oneworldrental.com.au will provide you some great quality tablets, which will guide you with the details and route during the whole event.

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