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One World Rental Has a Skilled Team Ensuring Event Success

Sometimes event managers want to concentrate on the creative aspects of an event and leave the set-up, maintenance, logistics, technical staff, storage and packing up of the equipment to us. We deliver complete event staffing solutions that make this easy.

How We Facilitate Technical Event Staffing Services

One World Rental’s event staffing solutions are backed by years of industry related experience. Well always deliver the best customer service, from the initial consultation, to the end of an event. Why does it matter? Because your success is our success and we know that with a digital event, the details can make or break an experience.

Software and Technical On-Site Staffing Solutions

We can also discuss your software requirements and the apps available to you, including the pros and cons of each, as per your business needs. You may also prefer an on-site technical support staffing presence, as many of our corporate partnerships do. This means that we are present throughout the event for any technical support needed.

Our technical team loves what they do, which is evident in the service they provide. We employ intelligent, personable problem-solvers who have, not just the training, but a natural affinity for IT. This core team of experts know how to make an event function flawlessly, because they do it every day, around the world.

A Global IT Rental Company That Is the Total Package

We deliver everywhere in the world and offer complete event services so that the event is covered from start to finish. It’s something that we enjoy. This is reflected in the quality of our corporate partnerships and the 4,000 corporate clients we serve globally in over 50 countries.

Audio-Visual Support

Our Audio-Visual team can:

Collect and create content for our clients.

Arrange blueprint services.

Install all the Audio-Visual equipment.

Provide full on-site support.

Account Managers

Our account managers will provide:

A personalised rental solution for your event.

Liaise with external event staffers.

Help deliver the best customer service experience.

Delivery Drivers

Our delivery drivers can:

Transport your package safely and on time.

Travel out to global locations.

Assist with setup and pack up.

Event Staff Services

We can arrange for our event staff to:

Provide on-site support.

Fully setup all the event technology equipment.

Provide training for other event staffers.

Technical Event Staff

Technical event staff services include:

Deploy secure and reliable Wi-Fi networks.

Provide remote support.

Provide on-site support.

If you would like to find out more about conference wifi solutions contact us today for a free full consultation and competitive quote.