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Star Printer Rental Solution Across Australia

Experience the benefits of our Star printer rental services can bestow for making your events, from expos to exhibitions, a global success.

Redefine Event Planning Benchmark with Our Star Printer Rental Solutions

At One World Rental, we understand the importance of reliable printing for your events. Picture the anxiety of not having a dependable printer on-site—running the risk of inefficiencies, delays, and potential embarrassment. The stress of technical glitches shouldn't overshadow the success of your gatherings.

Enter our Star Printer Rental service—a game-changer in the realm of event technology. Our state-of-the-art Star Printers are meticulously selected for their reliability and performance. Whether you're orchestrating a corporate event, a trade show, or a product launch, our Star Printer rentals ensure that your printing needs are met with precision and efficiency.

Choose from Our Top-of-the-Line Star Printer Equipment 

We believe in a client-first approach and offer the latest models of Star printers that are renowned for their print quality and less noisy processing, portability, and money-saving features.

Rent Star printers by choosing from the TSP143, TSP650II, TSP654IIBI, and TSP100 series witness your event’s printing needs being handled efficiently.

Star Bluetooth Printer TSP650II

Bluetooth and AirPrint connectivity

“Drop in and print” paper load

High-Speed Printing of 60 Receipts per Minute

Star Receipt Printer TSP654IIBI

Bluetooth thermal receipt printer

Collaborates with an EPOS set-up

Electronic cash drawer

Star Receipt Printer TSP143 Lightning iOS
Star Receipt Printer TSP143 Lightning iOS

Connect directly to an iPhone or iPad

“Drop in and print” paper load

Accessories for wall mounting

Star Receipt Printer TSP143

Thermal printer

“Drop in and print” paper load

Wireless connectivity

We are Recognised for Our Receipt Printer Rental Services 

With the market flooded with technology rental service providers making false claims, we offer genuine, transparent, and reliable Star receipt printer rental options. Upgraded models, thermal printing, drop-in and print paper load, direct connectivity to iPhone, iPad, or other supported devices, and high-speed printing meet all your event’s printing needs and make it a witnessable success.



Tailored to meet diverse event needs promptly

High-Quality Results

High-Quality Results

Ensure crisp, clear, and error-free tickets, invoices, and receipts for a top-notch brand representation.


Durability and Reliability

Guarantees durable, reliable equipment with wireless connectivity and high-speed functionality to prevent printing mishaps during your important event.


Audience-Friendly Setup

Offers plug-and-play functionality for easy operation and digital receipt options to keep attendee queues moving.

We Offer Industry Leading Star Printer Hire Solutions Tailored to Your Event’s Dynamic Needs

Choose From a Wide Range of the Latest Equipment Inventory

One Star Printer, Multiple Functions Throughout the Event 

Star printers are the portable, durable, and efficient gadgets you will need by your side to address merchant stalls, food trucks, and on-site payment needs. Their Bluetooth and Apple lightning cable connectivity makes invoicing and ticket generation seamless. Use Star Bluetooth printer hire services for:


Providing a Range of Printer Choices Beyond Star Printers  

Diversify your printing experience with our extensive printer selection, extending beyond Star Printers. Our inventory features top-notch options, including HP LaserJet Printers, EPSON Printers, Leading Printers, Zebra Printers for Events, and other renowned brands. Whether you need precision, speed, or specialized event printing, we've got you covered. Explore our variety of printers to find the perfect solution for your unique requirements.

Beyond Printers: Comprehensive Event Technology Solutions  

At One World Rental, our inventory extends beyond Printers, encompassing a wide range of IT equipment to meet your event requirements. From Apple products to laptops, monitors, PA systems, iPads, LED video walls, branded accessories, and more. Our comprehensive service includes packing, delivery, setup, and teardown. With global delivery in as little as 24 hours, on-site technical support, and seamless internet setup, we provide an all-encompassing digital solution for the success of your event.

Why Choose One World Rental? 

We are committed to tossing top-of-the-line IT rental services that are the best fit for every kind of Event. Similar to other services, our Star receipt printer rental solutions deliver uninterrupted assistance to event management teams by swiftly handling invoices, bills, receipts, and ticket printing.

Contact our team today and discover how we can become your hosts of event success with countless advantages.


We offer 24/7 support. Whether you need on-site technical assistance, solutions to unresolved queries, or mid-event equipment checks, we'll help.

Worldwide Presence

We serve over 50 countries beyond Australia. Our IT rental solutions are customised to suit the unique needs of various industries and organisations.

Quick Worldwide Delivery

Fulfilling our promise, we offer shipments across the globe. Wherever you are planning an event, our delivery will reach you in every corner of the globe on time.

Flexible Rental Period

We understand the varying needs of every event and business, providing adaptable IT and Star printer rental solutions with flexible durations.

A Wide Range Of Available Options

We offer a variety of IT rental options. Whether you want one service or are willing to avail the complete suite, our available IT range will address all needs.

Tested and Approved Devices

We maintain high standards, providing rigorously tested and evaluated gadgets, devices, and equipment from our catalogue, ensuring quality without compromise.

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