May 13, 2019
May 31, 2019

USB-C: A Useful Feature in iPad and other Gadgets

USB C A Useful feature in iPad and other gadgets

Guess what? Apple decided to utilize the useful feature of USB-C in its latest iPad Pros. Bad news first for the people who already bought the iPad without this feature. So they will be putting together some cash again for the new device to purchase. And this is good news for those who already have the new iPads containing this feature. Here is what this emerging technology does and how this can be useful.

USB-C or USB type-C was created to terminate some of the USB problems. Firstly, it is reversible so both endpoints of the USB-C works identically. This is at least one good reason to think about it.

The USB-C is a physical connector port technology. It doesn’t refer to transfer speeds, data capability, or charging capability, even though they are nearly related. The Thunderbolt 3 on Mac models had the same USB-C connector port but the transfer technology is not the same.

Be cautious, when choosing devices or cables as not all USB-C ports or cables are made equally. Not all the cables do things in the same way, like charging fast, etc. The reason of why not all of the cables aren’t what they look is the manufacturer. The manufacture of those cables has the freedom to create however they like, so they compromise the standard.

To ensure you are getting what you think you are getting, like fast charging of your phone or video out on your laptop, have a close look at the spec sheet of the device you are buying. No matter if they are a device or a cable.  The features of USB-C must be listed prominently over the sheet, so don’t assume what it means just go through it thoroughly.

Have a look at the cool yet useful tricks USB-C offers iPad Pro and other Apple gadgets:

High-resolution video productivity

This should make HDMI users happy. Not every USB-C port has the video out ability, but iPad Pro and other devices have the video out ability either directly to the USB-C screen or through an appropriate HDMI connector cable.  Apple has been quite eager to support the way of connecting the tablet to a monitor or TV via cable.

Quick and reversible charging

The charging goes two ways with USB-C. A device like the iPhone or any other phone can be charged up from your iPad only if you have the right cable like USB-C to lighting. And definitely, your iPad’s charging will drop quicker than expected as it is providing its own juice to other devices. USB-C can come handy when it comes to fast charging assuming if the manufacturer made the cable right. A USB-C port can provide 100 watts or 3 amps of power.

Audio output and input

As the earlier 3.5mm headphone jack has been slowly eliminating, USB-C is making its existence recognized in audio too. In the new iPad Pros, you will have USB-C headphones with the pixel 3 phones. This audio connectivity also goes two ways, as you can plug in microphones and also speakers.

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