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April 26, 2019
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Nowadays, people are obsessed about being productive. People thrive to be more productive with their professional and personal tasks. But with the hectic routines, it’s hard to be productive all the time. Here are some of the smart apps for your iPad to keep your work and personal life balanced and productive all day long. If you want to do better and effective work in less time, using productive apps is what helps.


This app enables you to scan different kinds of document. With the help of Scanbot, text can be scanned, converted, altered and can be sent in any way you desire. Certain professionals have found difficulty in usage due to Scanbot’s functionality in some way. But it is a multipurpose app and can be used easily without much fuss.


Let’s admit that we all wished to make a shelf of all the digital information we like. There is an app, Gladys, which allows you to do so. It is a drag and drops information holder which virtually stores anything you want. If you like switching apps and sites frequently so Gladys is the solution to keep all of your stuff maintained.

Things 3

Over the years, Things 3 has managed to be the best task managers of iOS. Some competitors did arrive but Things was always the best one. There is nothing complicated about Things, it manages all of your tasks as easily as writing a grocery list. Things are extremely essential for tasking managing that it might be preinstalled in next iPads models.

Focus Keeper

Productivity can also be known as Time Management. And time can be managed by one of the smartest and productive apps for iPads, which is Focus Keeper. It keeps reminding you about your task during the day. Even in a hectic routine, all of the important tasks of the day will be completed.


This is another app that is not complicated. It maintains several email accounts at the same time across many devices. It has spilt screen and multitasking features. It gets hard to live without this email app when once used.


We all know about the famous site Wikipedia, and how much it makes our lives easy. What if there is another app that can help you use Wikipedia in a more efficient way. Wikipanion makes searching and categorizing Wikipedia articles in better ways. With the help of Wikipanion, you won’t get lost in Wikipedia binge.

Otter Voice Notes

Dictation is powerful. It is much easier to depend on information collection by speaking. Otter voice notes is a kind of an app that coverts your voice recordings into written notes and sharing those also becomes easier. There is no uninstalling of this app not because you can’t but because you would never want to.

Duet Display

There is no lack of apps that are extremely productive in iPads, but this one is going to be your favorite. Why? This app turns your iPad into second, or third, or fourth Mac screen.

These productive apps complete your daily routine task in a more efficient. Get iPads on rent in Australia by One World Rental, so you can try these apps as soon as possible.

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